Who we are?

Prodensa was started in 1985 with a mission to help businesses find success in new markets. We have built a reputation for our adaptable business models and operational excellence, becoming a go-to firm for companies looking to expand globally. Our team has been able to provide clients with the market knowledge they need for success anywhere in the world, whether it's México, Europe or North America.

About us

Behind each successful client is an experienced team of professionals. From strategists and analysts to operations experts and economists and institutional relations advisors, Prodensa’s staff come from all walks of life— but they are united by a single purpose; providing our clients with unrivaled advice when it comes time to make big decisions about their business.

At Prodensa we understand that every company has its own unique needs and ambitions. That’s why our approach is tailored specifically towards you so that together we can create solutions specific enough for your individual situation yet flexible enough that you can scale up if needed as your business grows.

Our Mission

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